The Bachelor Degrees in the Healthcare Professions prepare students to work in public and private health facilities.
The Faculty offers courses in several areas and towns of the Lazio Region.

The courses are divided in 4 Classes:

  • Class 1:
    Obstetrics, Nursing, Pediatric Nursing;
  • Class 2:
    Physiotherapy, Pediatric and Adolescent Neuro and Psycho-motor Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology, Orthoptic and Opthalmologic Assistance, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques, Occupational Therapy;
  • Class 3:
    Dietetics, Dental Hygiene, Audiometry Methods, Audiology Methods, Biomedical Laboratory Techniques, Medical Radiation Technology for Imaging and Radiotherapy, Neurophysical Pathology Techniques, Cardiocirculatory Physiopathology and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques, Orthopedic Methods:
  • Class 4:
    Environmental and Workplace Prevention Techniques, Healthcare

Students will study both community and individual health needs and learn to plan, manage and evaluate care strategies, and diagnostic techniques. They will be trained to ensure the correct application of diagnostic and therapeutic actions, acting both individually and in collaboration with other health care and social services operators.

Degree Programmes, which are based on lectures, seminars, workshops and practical simulations, includes traditional learning activities, modern teaching tools and training with specialist health services, as well as laboratory activities and internships.