First global day for eating disorders

On Thursday 2nd June 03 pm, at the Botanical Garden of Sapienza, will be held the “first global day for eating disorders” organized by SISDCA- Italian society for the study of eating disorders, in collaboration with Sapienza and SICS- Italian society of scientific communication. The event’s purpose is to raise awareness about eating disorders within public opinion and institutions, since they need efficient policies for prevention and assistance. Guest of the event is Giancarlo Magalli who will carry out the conference.

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Laziodisu, the Lazio Region Agency promoting the right to education, has published the 2016 call for the assignment of scholarships and university residences to students enrolling at Sapienza for academic year 2016-2017. International students are eligible for the scholarship and may apply.

The deadline for the call is Thursday, July 28 at 12:00 pm (noon).

Unfortunately, the call is only published in Italian. Moreover, for further information on the call and scholarships, please refer to the links on the right-hand side.


International students, as well as Italian students, can apply for scholarships and accommodation at the student welfare service - LazioDisu. Applications are open from July until September every year. Please check the deadline and the documents required for applications well in advance. You may apply for: scholarships, accommodation, fee reductions, study abroad periods (if already enrolled), and reductions in public transport fees. The amount of the scholarship depends on several factors including your economic situation. Please read the call for candidates for Sapienza on the LazioDisu website.

Along with general information on your degree programme you will need to provide LazioDisu with information about your residency in Rome and your tax identification code (codice fiscale). The most important information you are required to provide is your ISEE (Indicatore di Situazione Economica Equivalente), which describes your financial situation.

Approximately two months after the application deadline Laziodisu will publish the names of successful candidates. During this two-month period, you can continue to provide any documents that might be useful for your application.

Sapienza University Offices will be closed for a bank holiday on June 2-3, 2016

Sapienza University Offices will be closed for a bank holiday on June 2-3, 2016. All offices will be regularly open again starting on Monday, June 6.

NK cells and cytomegalovirus infection: not only a matter of immunoevasion

Thursday 19th May 03 pm, at the Lecture Hall of Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari, Cristina Cerboni, from the Molecular Medicine Department, will present her research works on Natural Killers cells and their role on Cytomegalovirus infections. Conference is organized by Pasteur Institute Italy- Cenci Bolognetti foundation.

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Antigen presentation and T cell activation by dendritic cells

Friday 20th May 01 pm,  at the Lecture Hall of Scuola Speciale per Archivisti e Bibliotecari, Sebastian Amigorena ,director of the Immunity and Cancer Unit of Curie Institute Paris, will present his research works  in the immunologic field. Conference is organized by Pasteur Institute Italy- Cenci Bolognetti foundation.

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Ten topics in rheumatology in Roma reloaded

On Friday 20th May 02:30pm and on Saturday 21st 9am, at the Medical Clinic Auditorium, will be held a conference entitled "Ten topics in rheumatology in Rome". The purpose of the meeting is to highlight on groundbreaking perspectives of the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis, and on therapeutic strategies as well. The “ten” topics selected are faced from the most current points of view, in the aim to provide food-for-thoughts on the proper management of patients.

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Infectious diseases and globalization in the third millennium

On Friday 20th May 02:30 pm, at Hall A of Igiene Institute “G.Sanarelli”, will be held a conference entitled “Infectious diseases and globalization in the third millennium” by SSAS (Superior School of Advanced Studies). Meeting is focused on the most important current infectious diseases, especially the new viral pandemics, the spread of TB, and the problem of the MDR bacteria which are at the present moment causing a large number of Hospital-acquired infections that burden on Public Health. The conference will be opened by Irene Bozzoni, director of SSAS, and Vincenzo Vullo, Pharmacy and Medicine Dean.

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Medicine and Shoah. From the nazi experimentation to bioethics


On Friday 20th May  9:30am, at the History of Medicine Museum, will be shown the exhibit entitled “Medicine and Shoah. From the nazi experimentation to bioethics”, granted by 8x1000 from U.C.E.I. Representatives from Jewish Community and Academic Authorities will participate at the meeting. The exhibit, which will also be presented in other Italian universities, recalls the history of racist and eugenics doctrines that put the base for Nazi’s policy and underlines the essential role that the doctors had in the writing of Nuremberg Laws that led to the disabled forced sterilization, aktion T4 program, Jews and gipsy genocide and the wild experiments conducted on them. Sami Modiano, Auschwitz survivor and Dottore Honoris Causa at Sapienza, will speak at exhibition opening. The event will open to public from Saturday 21th on the occasion of  the Night of Museums. Piero Terracina, another important Italian witness to Shoah, will tell his life’s experience as Auschwitz survivor at 09.30pm.

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Neoadjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer

Friday 20th May from 9am to 6pm, at the Organi Collegiali hall in the Rettorato building, will be held a conference entitled “Neoadjuvant Therapy in Breast Cancer” organized by Sapienza University of Rome in collaboration with I.S.O. (Superior Instute of Oncology) and National Interuniversity Network for Bio-Oncology. Main topic is the introduction to Neoadjuvant Therapy, furthermore will be presented the cutting-edge medical and pharmacological approaches of that therapy in the treatment of breast cancer. The event will be opened by the Rector of Sapienza University Eugenio Gaudio and by the organizer of the conference Full Professor of Medical Oncology Silverio Tomao, then will participate some experts in the breast cancer research field. This conference awards 7 Ecm credits, for requirements and acquiring modalities please see the document attached.For further info please contact

Linee di confine. Reality

On Thursday 12th May at 7:30 pm, "Giunchi" hall of the Clinic Medicine Department will host the eighth and last appointment, in the 2016 edition, of the “Linee di Confine” cineforum promoted by SISM (Secretariat Italian Students Medicine) in collaborating with Neurology and Psychology’s  department .  The initiative looks into psychological and psychiatric topics such as depression, addictions, personality disorders and psychosis taking advantage of a powerful emotional impact movie. This last meeting deals with psychosis disturb with the help of the movie by the director Matteo Garrone, “Reality”. Previously will be held an exposition by the emergent artist Maria Vittoria Sonno, closing the event there will be a debate and a focus on with Gabriele Cavaggioni.For further info please contact

Second International Conference on Mindfulness

From Wednesday 11th to Sunday 15th of May starting at 7:30am, at Medicine and Psychology’faculty, will be held the second edition of the conference entitled “Second international conference on Mindfulness”. The first edition boasts the participation of 330 persons, from different walk of disciplines and different countries. This second edition will carry on the conference’s aim that is to create a meeting and dialogue place where researchers, teachers, students, politicians and professors can share their ideas. Paul Gilbert, Antoine Lutz, Peter Malinowski, Rebecca Crane, Bhikkhu Analayo, Shi-Yan Hui e Shi-Heng-Chan will also participate at the conference. In those five days will be held many workshops, lectures and debates.

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On Thursday 19th May from 2:30-4:00 pm, at the “Paola Biocca” hall (5th floor) of the Surgery Department “Pietro Valdoni” in Policlinico Umberto Primo, will be held a conference, by Professor Jean-Christophe Sabourin from Rouen University,entitled “New updates on circulating tumor cells and circulating tumor DNA in patients with pseudomyxoma peritonei”.


Promote Health in the Community

On Saturday 14th May at 9am, at the Basaglia hall in Piazza Santa Maria della Pietà, will be held a conference entitled “Promote health in the community”. Meeting provides a look into health topics, especially on the “health’s houses” problem, which are actually looking for psychologists who can give them scientific consultations. Cristiano Violani, headmaster of Medicine and Psychology’s faculty, will chair the event. Mario Bertini, Michele Liuzzi and Luigi Solano will also participate at the debate. The event is organized by SSPS (Specialization School in Health’s Psychology), SIPSA (Italian Society of Health’s Psychology), Fatebenefratelli foundation and by ASL RM1.

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Celiac screening in primary school

On Wednesday 11th May 5pm, at the Aula Magna Clinica Pediatrica Policlinico Umberto I, will be held the conference entitled “ Celiac screening in primary school through a minimally-invasive procedures” organized by Department of Pediatrics and Childhood Neuropsychiatry. Throughout the meeting will be presented the test, which is able to dose Anti-transglutaminase antibodies necessary for diagnosis, test could also be carried out on saliva. This procedure, which is both sensible and specific and furthermore minimally-invasive and well-accepted by kids, allows to identify celiac subjects, even the asymptomatic ones. This test has been used widely on primary school’s kids, thanks by the collaboration of Department of Pediatric and Mariposa Onlus. The conference is chaired by Salvatore Cucchiara director of Department of Pediatrics and Childhood Neuropsychiatry, Franco Laurenza and Luciano Onder will also participate. In the conference will be also shown the results of the project studies grant-maintained by Rotary’s club, which aim is to reach new screening tools.

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On Friday 20th May at 2:30 pm, at the Tempio di Adriano in Piazza di Pietra Roma, will be held a conference entitled “Is the brain gendered?” organized by Fondazione EBRI and BrainCircle Italia. Debate will be opened by Professor Daphna Joel’s lectio magistralis. The poster is attached.

Erasmus Generation: a value for Europe

On Friday 29th April at 09:30 am will be held, in the Aula Magna-Rectorate Building, an event etitled “Erasmus Generation: a value for Europe”  in honor of the 13 students victims of the car accident in Terragona, while on a study-abroad universitary experience. The day will be opened by Rector Eugenio Gaudio’s greetings then will be followed by a commemoration of the girls who passed away. In the second part, Silvia Costi ,President of Commission Culture and Instruction of the European Parlament, will bring up new purposes for international mobility and  integration, following Giovanni Biondi, President of the National Agency Erasmus+, will take stock of Erasmus Program, at the eve of his 30th anniversary. The two sessions are coordinate by Corrado Zunino from La Repubblica and Federico Taddia from Radio 24. The event will be closed by Luciano Saso pro-rector of the European Universitary Network and Erasmus Institutional Coordinator of the Sapienza.

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Access to medicines in the developing countries

On Friday 29th April at 3 pm, at the Aula A of Biochemistry Science Department, will be held a conference dedicated to health access from a worldwide point of view. The meeting provides two speeches: “Global Health” held by Stefano Vella from Superior Institute of Sanity and “the effects of the three global crisis on global health” held by Alberto Castagnola from Urban Laboratory Reset. The conference is born thanks to the recent collaboration of the Biotechnology course and Medici senza Frontiere in the “Access to medicines in the developing countries” project.  For further info please contact

Psychodrama in psychiatric rehab

On Friday 29th April at 12 am, at Aula C of Clinical Dentistry Department, will be held by Massimo Crescimbene a lecture about the use of psychodrama in psychiatric rehab. In the meeting will be reminded the origin of the model proposed by Jacob Levi Moreno in Wien as a first group’s therapy approach at the beginning of the 20th century, with its modern revisit. Moreover during the meeting will be proposed some experiential moments which provide the participation of the public.

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Immunometabolic checkpoints of Treg dynamics in cancer

On Thursday 21st April at 3 pm in the Lecture Hall at the Special school for archivist and librarian, in viale Regina Elena 295 will be held by Istituto Pasteur – Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti a conference entitled “Immunometabolic checkpoints of Treg dynamics in cancer”.In this conference researcher Silvia Piconese of Internal Medicine and Medicine Speciality Department, will present her studies on Treg cellules, metabolism and cancer. 


Istituto Pasteur - Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti

Rare Diseas at Policlinico Umberto I. The role of "Sapienza"

On Tuesday 19th April at 8.30 am in the Lecture Hall of Ortopedic Clinic in Piazzale Aldo Moro 5 will be presented a conference entitled “Rare diseases at Policlinico Umberto I. The role of Sapienza”.This conference evolved from the need to focus attention on Rare Diseas, hard to identify and to diagnose. It’s estimated that 2 million people are affected by them in Italy.Conference’s aim is to take stock of diagnostic and therapeutic routes for people affected by Rare diseas such as Gaucher, Pompe and Fabry diseases and MPS diseas, and to reveal the best practices carried out by Policlinico Umberto I and Rare Diseas Help Desk as well.In addition to this conference will present legal aspects and Rare Diseases’screening at Italian and European level.

This event awards Ecm credits and need no registration .

Following the conference program: