Immunometabolic checkpoints of Treg dynamics in cancer

On Thursday 21st April at 3 pm in the Lecture Hall at the Special school for archivist and librarian, in viale Regina Elena 295 will be held by Istituto Pasteur – Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti a conference entitled “Immunometabolic checkpoints of Treg dynamics in cancer”.In this conference researcher Silvia Piconese of Internal Medicine and Medicine Speciality Department, will present her studies on Treg cellules, metabolism and cancer. 


Istituto Pasteur - Fondazione Cenci Bolognetti

Rare Diseas at Policlinico Umberto I. The role of "Sapienza"

On Tuesday 19th April at 8.30 am in the Lecture Hall of Ortopedic Clinic in Piazzale Aldo Moro 5 will be presented a conference entitled “Rare diseases at Policlinico Umberto I. The role of Sapienza”.This conference evolved from the need to focus attention on Rare Diseas, hard to identify and to diagnose. It’s estimated that 2 million people are affected by them in Italy.Conference’s aim is to take stock of diagnostic and therapeutic routes for people affected by Rare diseas such as Gaucher, Pompe and Fabry diseases and MPS diseas, and to reveal the best practices carried out by Policlinico Umberto I and Rare Diseas Help Desk as well.In addition to this conference will present legal aspects and Rare Diseases’screening at Italian and European level.

This event awards Ecm credits and need no registration .

Following the conference program:


Breast Cancer: Highlights and Remarks

On Friday 22th April at 9 am, at the “Pietro Valdoni” Surgery Department will be held a conference entitled “Breast Cancer: Highlights and Remarks” which aim is to focus on the cutting-edge procedures in breast cancer diagnostics and clinical practice. The breast’s neoplastic disease need to be faced as a potential systemic ones, therefore premature diagnosis and prevention are the sharpest weapons for catching the tumor in the beginning phase and increase cure and healing’s percentuals.Topics will be taken on in a modern way by sector experts in radiology and radiotherapy, oncological and pathological anatomy and surgery.

For the registration please read the attached document. This conference awards Ecm credits.


Tobacco regulatory science: a new focus of research in the United States


On Thursday 14th April  Professor Amy Ferketich, actually visiting professor at our department,  will hold a conference entitled “Tobacco regulatory science: a new focus of researche in the United States”. The conference begins at 2 pm and it could be interesting for junior doctors and Phd students from Medicine and Pharmacy. For furthermore info


Bachelors Programmes in English

Starting in 2016-17, Sapienza will offer Bachelors Programmes held entirely in English. The first two are Nursing (the first in Italy held in English) and Bioinformatics!

Learn to teach

On Wednesday 13th April 9 am at Rettorato Lecture Hall will be presented an initiative entitled “learn to teach” about pedagocial’s quality models for university tenure. The event’s theme, which is organized by “Team della qualità Sapienza”, is to develop an approach of quality assurance, involving Sapienza Professors into an educational path on formative strategies.

Arte in luce

On Wednesday, 6th April at 4.30 pm, at the MLAC (museum workshop of contemporary art) in the Palazzo del Rettorato of Sapienza University, will be held the award ceremony of “Arte e Luce”. This paint and photography contest, which aim is to enhance university students’ art expressions and give visibility to their artistic works, is organized by Fondazione Roma Sapienza.ItegrArte. Integration and multicultural were the chosen themes for the IV edition of this event. At the award will be speaking the Chancellor of Sapienza Università di Roma Eugenio Gaudio, the President of Fondazione Roma Sapienza Folco Biagini and Carlo Musto D’Amore DG of Sapienza Università di Roma. All the art works will be presented by the artists and will be exhibited at MLAC on 7th and 8th  April from 10 am until 5 pm. Furthermore, these works will be published both on the digital magazine Bit Culturali ( ) partner of the event and on a dèpliant printed by Edizioni Nuova Cultura. A recognition plaque of Fondazione Roma Sapienza will be bestowed to the winners.The event will be carried out with the support of Coca Cola Italia.




Dates Announced for Restricted-access Programme Exams

The Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) has just announced the dates on which entrance examinations will be held for restricted-access degree programmes.September 6, 2016 - Medicine and Surgery Programme Dentistry and Dental Prostheses Programme September 13, 2016 - Health Professions ProgrammeSeptember 14, 2016 - Medicine and Surgery Programme (in English)  For further information: MIUR

Memory and host defense against infections 

On Thursday March 3rd, in  the lecture hall in viale Regina Elena, SSAS-Superior school of advanced study (scuola superiore di studi avanzati) presents a conference entitled  "Memory and host defense against infections". Lesson, held by Mihai G.Netea from Radboud University Nijmegen, falls under the sphere of the inter-disciplinary course 2015-2016 “Memoria e Tempo” promoted by SSAS.


Oral Health of the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

On Sunday 20th March 09:30 am, on the occasion of the global oral health day,  Odontostomatologyc and Maxillo-Facial Sciences Department will host a conference entitled “Oral Health of the Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”. Conference will permit the families to get in touch with the Dentistry Pediatric medical team of Policlinico Umberto I and with some organizations such as “National Association Parents  Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder”, “Asperger Group Onlus”, “L’emozione non ha voce Onlus”. Antonella Polimeni and Vincenzo Guidetti will chair the meeting. Concluding the event the journalist Giancluca Nicoletti will hold a speech.


Glucocorticoid and drug induced osteoporosis 

On Saturday 19th March at 08:45 am, will be held the 9th edition of the international conference entitled "Glucocorticoid and drug induced osteoporosis" which aim is to face and  to focus on the clinic and experimental concerns of steroid’s and drugs induced osteoporosis. Conference will be structured in four session which involve two lectures, featuring the most relevant experts in this sector. In addition conference will face the treatment for steroid’s and drugs induced osteoporosis in children and patient with kidney insufficiency.  A debate between professors and students will be carried out at the end of the conference.

For further info 

Linee di confine - Babadoor 

On Thursday 17th March  at 7:30 pm, Clinic Medicine department will host the second appointment, in the 2016 edition, of the “Linee di Confine” cineforum promoted by Sism (secretariat Italian students medicine) and Gabriele Cavaggioni , professor of Neurology and Psychiatric department. The initiative looks into psychological and psychiatric topics such as depression, addictions, personality disorders and psychosis taking advantage of a powerful emotional impact movie. In this second meeting will be shown the movie “Babadook”, featuring  the artist Giò Montez and the screenwriter and director Luca D’Ascanio.

For further info 

Yundi Li Concert

On Saturday 12th March, on his first appearance in Rome, young Chinese pianist Yundi Li will play in Lecture Hall at Palazzo del Rettorato at 5.30 pm.  The concert, promoted by IUC-University’s Istitution Concert, will be open with nocturne in E-flat minor op. 9 n.1 and in C minor op. 48 n.1 by Fryderyk Chopin; concert will carry on with Fantasie op. by Robert Schumann and then with “Appassionata” n.23 in F minor op.57 and “Al Chiaro di Luna” n.14 cis-moll op. 27 n.2 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Concluding the concert Yundi Li will perform traditional Chinese music.

Obesity and nutraceutical

Saturday, March 5th 2016, 9 am.

Capozzi’s classroom - Clinica odontoiatrica

Via Caserta 6, Rome


On Saturday, March 5th will be carried out a conference in the Capozzi’s classroom of the Department of Dentistry, entitled “Obesity and Nutraceutical” organized by a study group of Nutraceutical and Endocrine-Metabolism Diseases SIE.  The aim of the meeting is to describe and compare obesity’s development
theories, in addition to the possibilities and the limits offered by the nutraceutical’s intervention.  Andrea
Lenzi, president of the Italian Endocrinology Society, will open the study group. The participation is free,
but for organizational purposes it’s necessary to send a mail to the secretary to confirm your participation.


Lara Capriotti – administrative office

"Sinigaglia's Fair"

Friday, March 4th 2016, 08:30 pm.

Lecture Hall, Palazzo del Rettorato

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome

On Friday March 4th, in the lecture hall in Palazzo del Rettorato, the MuSa Classica Orchestra, directed by
M° Francesco Vizioli,  presents “Sinigalglia's fair” ,an opera on the libretto of Carlo Gordoni with the
music of Domenico Fischetti, which was first performed in Rome in 1760. The opera tells of the usual love
intrigues which are typical of the kind, evolving in the commercial and environment context of the “fiera
franca di Sinigaglia”. The MuSa’s recital took advantage of the phylological’s work carried out by some
students of the bachelor degree in “Musicologia della Sapienza”. Under the guide of Franco Piperno, the
arrangement was copied and prepared for its execution, with a theatre adjustment cared by Maria Luisa
Bigai. The event is carried out in collaboration with “Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia e Theatron
–Teatro Antico alla Sapienza”. Free entry.


Sector for celebratory and cultural events


Molecular players of hepatocyte dynamism 

On Thursday 10th March at 3 pm in the Lecture Hall of the “Special school for librarian and archivist, will be hold a seminar entitled ”Molecular players of hepatocyte dynamism” organized by  Istituto Pasteur Italia – Cenci Blognetti grant foundation.  Marco Tripodi , from the molecular genetic’s section of Biotechnology Cellular and Hematology  Department , presents some studies about epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT),  a deep cellular’s rearrangement phenomenon  which occurs trough the embryonic development and tumor progression.


Memory and Amnesias

On Thursday 10th March 6 pm, in the Lecture Hall at viale Regina Elena, SSAS-superior school of advanced study (SSAS-scuola superiore di studi avanzati), will present a conference entitled “Memory and Amnesias”. Lecture, held by Stefano Cappa from Iuss-University’superior school Pavia, falls under the sphere of the inter-disciplinary course 2015-2016 “Memoria e Tempo” promoted by SSAS.



A group of researchers coordinated by Irene Bozzoni from the Sapienza “Charles Darwin” Department of Biology and Biotechnology have shed new light on the factors that give rise to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a neuromuscular disease that is common amongst children and which causes the progressive loss of muscular tissue and motor skills, as well as the deterioration of various cardio-respiratory functions. The ground-breaking research project developed new therapeutic techniques by studying the case of an eighteen-year old boy affected by Muscular Dystrophy who, despite normal disease progression and age expectancy, was still able to walk and move around without any aid. The research team demonstrated that the patient had the unexpected ability to produce small quantities of functional Dystrophin thanks to the absence of another region in the mRNA molecule: Exon 45. The team also demonstrated that the reason behind this was a lack of the Celf2a Factor, which, in turn, leads to a lack of Exon 45 in the mRNA, allowing the patient to self-heal. The genetic basis of DMD is a mutation in the gene that codifies the Dystrophin protein. In the case mentioned above, the patient was lacking a specific segment of the Dystrophin gene: Exon 44. This alteration gives rise to mRNA that is also missing specific segment and that makes it normally impossible to produce the protein, thereby giving rise to the disease. The research project, which was funded by the ERC-European Research Council, Telethon and the Parent Project, was published in the Nature Communications Journal.


The Centro Infosapienza has developed a new service for a virtual tour of the university campus, smartphone and tablet friendly, allowing all students and visitors, by activating their smartphone GPS, to be guided to the building they wish to reach. The system also offers other important information, including the position of the lecture rooms and offices in each building, university facilities, points of interest, cafeterias and museums, which can be added to the traditional Google Map tools. La Sapienza is the first Italian university Italy to have introduced this type of service. It is also planned to extend the service to beyond the university campus.